How to Be a Trusted Business – Online Business Listings

yellowpages-are-a-wasteMost of us remember the Yellow Pages. The size of the phone book that landed on your doorstep each year varied by how big of a city or town you lived in. But you appreciated it nonetheless because how else were you supposed to find an electrician to come fix your patio lights? Or see what options you had for pizza delivery?

Today people want more information about a business than just a phone number and what services they offer. Savvy customers want reviews, pictures, a history of your business and hopefully a coupon they can redeem for finding you online. They want a quick and easy way to search on the go, using an app or search engine on their phone. And when customers see all the different facets of your business in a directory, you become more trustworthy as a legitimate business and not some fly-by-night operation.

There are hundreds of online business listing directories to choose from. We recommend the most widely used ones such as Google+, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and Merchant Circle. And while all these directories are free, there are quite a few hoops to jump through and ways to optimize your listing so that you are easier to find.

For a one time cost of $150, Pyramid Graphic Design will do all the work for you to be listed in all five of these directories. If you are only interested in a few of them, or have other directories you’d like to be listed in, we will add you to those for a one time cost of $50 per directory.

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Please note, setting up these listings takes time as postcards are typically mailed to the physical address of your business to verify its legitimacy. This takes coordination between both parties to verify the business in each directory.