It’s Not Always About What “The Joneses” Are Up To

suburb-viewHaving lived in apartments most of our adult lives, moving into a house has been a blessing and a learning curve. Thankfully we have handy friends and family to help teach us the tricks of being home owners.

But if there is one thing we have learned so far from living in a suburb, it’s that you could spend ALL your free time trying to get your house to look as good as your neighbors. We’ve seen folks weed their lawn day in and day out, meticulously rake the pebbles in their xeriscaped garden and even park their cars on the lawn while washing them so as to not mess up their driveway. And while these activities are not a lost cause, we have learned that they are just not for us.

The same is true for your business image. Sure you can spend all your time obsessing about what others in your field are doing to be successful. You can nitpick the little setbacks you have experienced, keeping you focused on the negative. And when your goals are not met immediately, sure you can throw a bunch of money at marketing to try and solve the “problem”.

But what we want to impress upon you today is that the solution is not all about getting the latest and greatest model or method. Sometimes you don’t need a brand new website or an entire new set of printed materials. Sometimes its just about working with what you have in the span of time you have energy for.

Taking your existing website and adding a blog or sprucing up the layout with new pictures can really help energize you to be more confident in your “business image”. Not to mention search engines LOVE new content! Have you tried keeping up with a Facebook business page or Twitter account just because that’s what everybody else is doing? Well maybe it’s not for you! Maybe that mode of communication does not reach your target audience and you should be investing your energy is something more productive for your business.

We can help you sift through the options you have and what methods you are currently using to see if something else could work better for you. And if that means revamping your printed materials, then bring it on! But if all that really means is changing the layout of an existing brochure for better readability, then we can help there too. It’s not worth your time to try and reinvent the wheel. Your expertise is in how you help your audience and our expertise is in how to bring your audience to YOU.

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