Websites for Mental Health Professionals

mentalhealthprofessionalWhether you have a private practice, life-coaching, or training and consultation business, Pyramid Graphic Design can help you setup a website to help you market your skills and services so clients can find you online.

We work conjunction with Beth Abel at Life Maps Workshop on a course called Ethically Marketing Your Private Practice. In this course one learns how to make a private practice viable.

In one of the course Modules, we present on:

  • What your clients see when they search your name on the internet
  • How social media can help or hurt your practice/business
  • How an eNewsletter can help you stay “in mind” with your clients over time
  • Specifically what Life Maps Workshop is doing to successfully market their business online

Pyramid Graphic Design also offers services on marketing materials such as informational brochures, flyers and business cards for your clients.

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